Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gamefowl Bloodline: The RoundHeads

The Boston RoundHead

They always comes out peacomb, majority are yellow legs but they also have white legs. Red eyes, wheaten or pale yellow hackle, medium to high station, an average weight of 2.0 to 2.4 kg. Boston or Allen rounhead, excepts sometimes the boston roundheads exhibit black spurs. The origin is an oriental fowl, either from india or pakistan and they mature early in about 10 months old.


The old time roundheads are most suitable for long heel knife. They are smart, side stepping, an agile heads up fighters, they could fight in the ground and in the air. Roundheads are aggressive, fast fighting, feet out and deadly, sure cutting cocks. They have strong and devastating leg power specially in the first buckle.

Roundheads cross exceptionally well with white hackles, hatches, Lew greys, Murphy, Madigin grey and Kelso. Roundheads includes, boston roundheads, lacy roundheads from Garry Gilliam, Marion Rose, Rey Alexander, Allen and Bruner.


  1. Because it is impossible to trace the anchestry of fowl for which there is no registry, it is not surprising that the names of gamefowl families have become a way to define gamefowl by a few appearance characteristics rather than their actual connection to a particular breeder or the family originated by that breeder.

    As a result, almost all pea combed red fowl are likely to be called "Roundheads". In most cases it likely means nothing more than "a red duckwing with pea comb". Nothing more.

  2. Roundhead is one of the most feared bloodlines in a cockfighting match today. It's a very good cutter, brainy and hardy. It has also its off-beat signature style in fighting like the Lemons and Greys. Plus, it also blends well with the Sweaters and Lemons.

  3. I have that bloodline over leiper hatch 1 eight black