Saturday, August 10, 2013

What Is The Best Hatch Gamefowl For You?

What Is The Best Hatch Gamefowl?

There are many types of hatch gamefowls that are breed by many breeders internationally. Most of this type are known for their gameness, aggressiveness, and multiple shufflers. Before, many breeders not just in PI has this type of chickens and usually use just for infusion purposes. Because usual birds that has this blood are grounder, and it is not ideal in Philippine cockfighting with a Long Knife gaffs.

Some of the breeders in Philippines developed hatch gamefowl that are good for long knife competitions. One of them are the known Hi Action Hatch. The hi-actions are generally high breaking hatch strains, good timing birds, they hit hard and would cut very well. I think it came from a Mclean Hatch, but I am not sure what other bloods being infuse to them.

Personally, I am really interested of this chickens, and this is one of the best hatch gamefowl for me. I'm pretty sure there would be lots of people out there agree with me. Ofcourse not all, because we have different taste, specially on styles and ability.

I saw some comments online, that if this birds mix with a leiper hatch, you could have a powerful and violent hitter fowl and it will be best cross then to a speed fowls like; sweaters, kelsos and rounheads. All of us aiming to have the best one, so keep on experimenting. Maybe someday, you will be known from your breeds.

Here's a video I found on YouTube. Hi Action hatch Sparring:

Again, this is my personal choice. So since I am just newbie on this sports. Please share your thoughts and ideas to other beginners as well. Now, tell us what is the best hatch gamefowl for you?


  1. all hatches are good,it depends on the other breeders what they prefer most, but for me just like you high action and blueface are enough for me....God bless & Goodluck..!!!!

  2. In my opinion hi action is perform the mixstyle of claret and mclean hatch.